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Компания fiat представила полноприводный кроссовер a-класса

Компания fiat представила полноприводный кроссовер a-класса

Компания Fiat представила полноприводный кроссовер A-класса

Полноприводному хетчбэку Fiat Panda 4×4, что очень популярен в Италии и недоступен у нас, вправду не хватало некой внедорожности. Итальянцы сдобрили машину серыми бамперами, покрасили в морковный цвет и нарекли Fiat Panda Cross.

Думается, это первый современный пятидверный кроссовер A-класса, для полного счастья которому не достаточно вменяемого ценника. За какое количество забрали бы?

В рамках Женевского автосалона состоится премьера самой дорогой модификации ситикара Fiat Panda и снова же самой шикарной версии кроссовера Fiat Freemont, продажи которого сравнительно не так давно стартовали в Украине. Fiat Panda Cross, как и Fiat Panda 4×4, оснащён совокупностью полного привода и отличается от более дешёвой модели по большей части наружностью. Машина стала «внедорожнее» и хвастается новыми бамперами, фарами и увеличенным клиренсом.

Официальное сообщение компании Fiat сравнивает новинку с простой полноприводной «Пандой». Так у кроссовера, в отличие от хетчбэка, увеличились углы въезда и съезда до 24 и 33 градусов соответственно.

Совокупность полного привода предлагает три режима работы — непроизвольный (в городе машина делается моноприводной), режим электронной блокировки дифференциала Lock и функцию HILL DESCENT для медленного спуска либо покорения весьма крутых склонов. Продажи новинки в Европе начнутся в этом году, в Украине до тех пор пока ограничиваемся моноприводным семь дней Panda за 125 900 гривен.

  • Заявлена цена кроссовера Fiat Freemont для Украины

Новый Panda Cross настоящий джип, что, согласно точки зрения итальянцев, стал самым оснащённым в сегменте. Помимо этого «брутальной» (либо игрушечной?) наружности, автомобиль предлагает буксирные крюки, светодиодные ДХО и защиту картера.

В сильно выраженных колёсных арках сидят 15-дюймовые колёса с цепкими всесезонными шинами 185/65R15. В плане безопасности кроссовер предложит совокупность предотвращения столкновений в муниципальном потоке. Под капотом — 80-сильный турбодизель MultiJet II либо 90-сильный 0,9-литровый бензиновый TwinAir, агрегатирую моторы 6-ступенчатыми коробками с укороченной первой передачей.

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New Panda Cross

The new Panda Cross is the agile SUV that’s easy to handle in city traffic but has the spirit and equipment typical of a 4?4 SUV of a higher category, as demonstrated by the adoption as standard of both the ‘Torque on demand’ transmission system — it activates automatically as required, so you can tackle any situation with complete cool — and the ESC (Electronic Stability Control) system complete with ELD (Electronic Locking Differential) function. This provides additional assistance while driving and setting off on slippery terrain.

The Panda Cross also offers a selector for lovers of off-road driving so they can have the choice to best use several AWD features based on the driving conditions. In detail, ‘Terrain Control’ lets the driver select three different modes:

  • AUTO — Automatic distribution of drive between the two axles in accordance with the grip of the road surface
  • LOCK — The four-wheel drive is always active for optimal off-road use, with distribution of torque among the four wheels, braking the wheels that are losing grip (or slip more than the others), and thus transferring the drive to those with the most grip.
  • HILL DESCENT — For optimum handling of particularly steep hill descents or when going down extremely bumpy routes.

Every detail of the Panda Cross has been designed to make it immediately recognisable and distinctive, with a stylistic language typical of an SUV. It all starts with the front end featuring a brand-new look thanks to the new bumper, which boasts a generous skid plate in a satin titanium colour with a design of holes which reinterprets the Panda’s characteristic "squircle" motif.

Tow hooks with an immediately recognisable new design in a brilliant red place emphasis on its off-road character. The light clusters too are brand new, thanks to the headlights and new fog lights integrated with the logo holder bonnet trim, and to the new DRLs with LED technology, built into the skid plate.

From the side, certain specific elements, such as the pronounced wheel arches, mouldings with ‘Cross’ badge and the new roof bars which both take up the finish of the skid plate, stand out. The 15" alloy wheels sport a 5-spoke V design and a burnished metal finish. The rear end too is characterised by a new bumper with under-body protection which takes up the design and finish of the front skid plate, a new burnished light cluster and the chrome tail pipe.

Taken as a whole, these details lend it an extremely sophisticated appearance and immediately communicate dynamism and agility.

The new Panda Cross guarantees extensive passenger room, the convenience of five doors and a large modular space, all contained in just 370 centimetres. Additionally, the passenger compartment offers specific fabric trim, leather-lined steering wheel and gear knob and distinctive trim for the dashboard. Of particular interest among the standard equipment are the automatic climate control, radio CD/MP3 with Blue&MeTM system with steering wheel controls, special 15" alloy wheels, electric door mirrors, height-adjustable driver’s seat and ‘All Seasons’ 185/65R15 tyres.

And standing out among the wealth of equipment available on request, there’s the innovative City Brake Control, the system that received the ‘Euro NCAP Advanced 2013’ award and which recognises the presence of other vehicles or obstacles in front of the car, braking automatically if the driver fails to intervene directly to avoid collision or mitigate its consequences, active for speeds up to 30 km/h.

Two engine versions are available, both with Start&Stop standard and boasting higher performance than the versions on the Panda 4×4: the 80 HP 1.3 MultiJet II turbodiesel and 90 HP 0.9 TwinAir Turbo petrol, the latter with specific 6-speed transmission with shortened first gear. What’s more, compared to the Panda 4?4 from which it is derived, the new car offers enhanced performance. With также 24° angle and 33° exit angle plus its larger special ‘All Seasons’ 185/65R15 tyres, the Panda Cross ensures ever surprising не меньше the road and exceptional comfort on the road.

The distinctive personality, compact size and agility of the Panda Cross will attract attention when travelling down city streets, and will capture the hearts of those who love adventure and life in the open air owing to its outstanding off-road performance. That’s without mentioning its possession of all the dynamic and comfort characteristics that allow it to complete long and challenging routes with ease, in part thanks to the tried-and-tested suspension layout: an independent MacPherson system at the front, while a system with wheels interconnected via torsion beam specially developed for the all-wheel-drive version was considered more suitable for the rear.

The new Panda Cross will be marketed starting from the autumn in the major European markets, and a three-layer orange livery of enormous impact will be offered for the occasion.

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