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Компания citroen представит в…

Компания citroen представит в...

Компания Citroen представит в Париже 300-сильный гибрид Cxperience

Через месяц в Париже откроется интернациональный автосалон, и производители машин уже начали рассекречивать собственные новейшие разработки. Так, Citroen продемонстрирует визитёрам Mondial de L’Automobile новый концепт Cxperience с гибридной силовой установкой мощностью 300 л.с.

Ситроеновцы именуют новый Cxperience прототипом представительского седана с новыми выговорами в фирменном дизайне марки. Габаритная протяженность концепта образовывает 4.85 м, ширина — 2.0 м, а высота — 1.37 м. Размер колёсной базы равен 3 м, а на дорожное покрытие автомобиль опирается 22-дюймовыми колёсами. Эффект «лёгкости» создают распахивающиеся против хода задние двери, отсутствие центральных стоек кузова, два панорамных окна в крыше и рулевое колесо, которое соединяется с колонкой через одну изогнутую опору.

В отделке интерьера сочетаются пара пород древесины и отличная кожа. Передние сидения изготовлены с применением пены, которая принимает пассажира тела и форму водителя.

Наряду с этим прототип фактически лишён переключателей и традиционных кнопок, а сотрудничество с электроникой осуществляется через 19-дюймовый сенсорный дисплей на центральной панели. Кроме этого некоторыми функциями, к примеру, включением/выключением двигателя возможно руководить при помощи смартфона. Оптика у шоу-кара всецело светодиодная, а вместо боковых зеркал установлены камеры заднего вида.

В перемещение Citroen Cxperience приводится гибридной силовой установкой с электрическим мотором и бензиновым двигателем суммарной мощностью 300 л.с. Гибрид укомплектован батареей ёмкостью 3 кВт⋅ч, и 8-ступенчатым «автоматом».

аккумуляторная батареи возможно заряжать от бытовой электросистемы, в только электрическим режиме перемещения их ёмкости достаточно для 60 км пробега. Одной из изюминок прототипа стала подвеска Advanced Comfort, которая заменит в машинах французской марки гидропневматическую подвеску Hydractive.

На автосалоне в Париже новый Citroen Cxperience представят 29 сентября. Кроме концепта на стенде марки состоится публичная премьера хэтчбека C3 нового поколения.

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Exclusively revealed one month ahead of the Paris Motor Show, Citroen CXPERIENCE CONCEPT demonstrates the brand’s capacity to deploy its "Be Different, Feel Good" promise in the large saloon segment. With its distinctive body style, this new concept overturns established codes and illustrates the benefits of the "Citroen Advanced Comfort®" programme.

In the context of its global convention centring New C3 and bringing together over 2000 brand representatives from over 36 countries, Citroen springs the surprise revealing theCXPERIENCE concept car, a world first at the 2016 Paris Motor Show. With this two-box saloon measuring 4.85m in length, Citroen is expressing its ambitions in upmarket territory, deploying its "Be Different, Feel Good" promise in this segment. The exceptional new, international body style is a new step forward that marks a new offensive in brand strategy.

In phase with the brand’s know-how and history, this latest creation features the global comfort that is a hallmark of Citroen vehicles.CXPERIENCE CONCEPT is the latest demonstration of the "Citroen Advanced Comfort ®" programme, designed for the well-being and comfort of vehicle occupants. Supporting the styling, technical and technological development of new brand models, the programme reflects changing customer expectations and is part of every stage in the design process.


  • A strong identity

With its unique, distinctive body lines, the CXPERIENCE concept car expresses a new take on the codes of executive saloons, a territory that is close to the brand and its history. It is an aerodynamic concept car whose design reflects the emphasis placed on every detail. The shape lines and graphics belong solely to Citroen and are thus easy to identify and remember.

Designed by Citroen Styling at the Design Centre in Velizy, outside Paris, CXPERIENCE CONCEPT expresses the brand’s new aesthetic codes. An innovative vehicle, it is inspired by the high-tech world on the outside, and by furnishings/travel on the inside.

The CXPERIENCE concept car is immediately recognisable. With its two-box style and cleverly designed rear-hinged doors, it looks ready to leap forwards. The bold lines express power, while the generous curves and smooth volumes express the car’s own stylistic language.

A vehicle of imposing proportions (4.85m long, 2m wide) with a very low roof (1.37m tall) and short overhangs (3m wheelbase), theCXPERIENCE concept car allies its majestic stature with flowing lines. The pearlescent sea green "Mizuiro" bodywork is modern, relaxed and sober. The colour further underlines the upmarket looks of this concept car, with its large 22-inch wheels and 5-spoke covers.

At the front, the pure lines of this concept car are very much in evidence, with an original light signature expressing a new take on the layered headlights that are part of Citroen’s identity. Other attributes of CXPERIENCE CONCEPT include a smooth front end and special grille. The chevrons accentuate the vehicle’s width with the chrome-finish bar angling out to the headlights. The observer’s eye is drawn in particular to the V-shaped DRLs, which give the car a high-tech look. They are made up of fine 3mm wide strips with the indicators elegantly positioned in between. Further down, the light signature is completed by three LED directional headlights, positioned either side of the vehicle. For greater efficiency, the controlled air intakes are integrated with the front bumpers. Mobile flaps designed to open and close are positioned on either side of the vehicle. These contribute to aerodynamic performance on the road while also making manoeuvres easier.

The rear end of the concept car also makes a statement with strongly marked wings and a concave rear window with a mobile fin at the bottom for improved aerodynamics. The 3D rear lights featuring laser fibre optics are also V-shaped. The indicators are positioned in the centre under a slim one-way panel, giving CXPERIENCE CONCEPT a unique, high-tech identity. The light system is fitted in a black technical block whose lines follows the cut-out of the boot, underlining the width of this large saloon. Like the brand’s most recent vehicles, the chevrons at the rear of the concept car feature a black lacquer finish.

Another characteristic styling feature contributing to the unique personality of theCXPERIENCE concept car are the rear-hinged autoclave doors rising to the top of the roof and opening to a 90°perpendicular angle (in line with the wheels), making it easy to get in. The doors provide an excellent view of the spacious upmarket cabin. Comfort takes centre stage, issuing an invitation to travel.

  • An interior designed to showcase the flowing design lines

Inspired by architecture, decoration and furnishings, the cabin of CXPERIENCE CONCEPT is a work of clean, contemporary lines. Featuring premium materials, it is decorated in a citrus yellow shade, synonymous with a fresh, optimistic mindset.

Alongside the single-spoke steering wheel, a nod to the brand’s history, the floating dashboard is of horizontal design. It has a three-dimensional appearance, with a sculpted, tubular cut-out extending from the right rear door to the left rear door in a single piece. This presentation reinforces the immediate impression of space, lightness and amplitude. The yellow tones of the interior ambience enhance the original sense of visual continuity between each of the areas dedicated to the driver or passengers.

Considerable emphasis was placed on the design of the seats, which are upholstered in a padded-effect yellow mesh fabric. The backrests feature walnut wood in an elegant light shade, like the dashboard. Designed to resemble alcoves, the inner door panels are also made from high-quality materials. The sea-green geometric fabric matches the body colour and contrasts with the interior ambience. The flat foam floor was made to measure. It is covered in dark, textured leather with a destructured design. On either side, broad chrome-finish sills underline the careful emphasis placed on interior colours and materials.

"The whole Style team pulled in the same direction to create a new executive saloon with international reach, breaking with conventional codes to express the brand’s values: Optimistic, Human and Smart."

Alexandre Malval, Citroen Design Director


Comfort is a concept that has always been closely linked to Citroen and "Citroen Comfort" has become a true brand signature. Today, this concept has become part of a broader approach with a range of criteria including brightness, space, ergonomics and connectivity. All these criteria contribute to на данный момент-being in body and mind and promote discussion and sharing on board the CXPERIENCE concept car.

  • Contributing to well-being in body and mind

Through в первых рядах Citroen Advanced Comfort® programme, which guided the design ofCXPERIENCE CONCEPT, Citroen is reviewing its approach to comfort in the light of its modern vision and expertise.

Designed as a в первых рядах "cocoon", CXPERIENCE CONCEPT filters out the outside world along with the bumps and dips of the road and employs a progressive hydraulic cushions advanced module. Came out many weeks ago, this exclusive Citroen technology significantly improves the filtration system regardless of the defects road ensuring an outstanding driving comfort. The result : a purely Citroen sovereign comfort.

Entirely focused on the well-being of the occupants, this large executive saloon conveys an impression of immediate, intense ultra comfort, for both the driver and passengers, when they step on board.

The interior was designed to promote well-being, as illustrated by the seats, the part of the car with which passengers are in closest contact. The generous, body-hugging seats ofCXPERIENCE CONCEPT provide unique comfort and support. Made from flexible shape-memory foam, they invite the occupants to enjoy a new travelling experience. In row 1, both the driver and passenger have wide, welcoming seats. The enveloping seats in row 2 reflect the same "living room" mindset. A physical sensation amplified by the alliance of warm, natural materials. To make every journey a friendly, relaxing experience, the front seats feature tapered backrests and openwork headrests to provide greater visibility for passengers in the rear.

Adding a final аккумуляторная to this peaceful ambience, CXPERIENCE CONCEPT features generous аккумуляторная and ingenious storage compartments to make life easier. The dashboard creates an impression of space with its transversal graphics. The central console, also of flowing design lines, includes a functional storage compartment at the front, and a compartment for the induction charging of a smartphone. Other storage compartments positioned conveniently around the cabin also contribute to the comfort of на следующий день occupants and their day-to-day well-being.

The emphasis placed on light, another part of the "Citroen Advanced Comfort®" programme also contributes to the sense of onboard well-being. Each occupant enjoys an area bathed in light with a wide lateral glazed area around the cabin and the two cielos running the full length of the roof. The ambient lighting and air purifier also contribute to making the cabin a "Feel Good" area: a haven of well-being where the occupants can relax and decompress.

Finally, to ensure peace of mind for the driver and to reduce the cognitive load, useful driving information is projected into the driver’s field of vision on a wide "head-up" panel.

  • Promoting sharing and discussion

In tune with its times and какое количество phase with the "Citroen Advanced Comfort ®" programme, the Citroen CXPERIENCE concept car is welcoming, comfortable and hyperconnected.CXPERIENCE CONCEPT is a car apart, with an intuitive human-machine interface, designed to provide digital continuity between digital worlds for the driver and passengers. Intelligent technologies promote interaction and contribute to smoother use of the vehicle and its equipment. Available to everybody and present at both front and rear, these technologies underline the brand’s efforts to place particular emphasis on passengers, who play a full role in each journey.

Drastically integrated in the middle of the dashboard, the 19-inch and 16/3 format rectangular screen is the key onboard feature. Functioning as the vehicle control centre, it clears superfluous controls from the dashboard and reinforces the impression of width and space. Easy to use by reason of its size, this screen groups all the onboard functions: air conditioning, driving aids, navigation and media sources. The key touch screen is split into parts, putting the emphasis on the driver as well as the passenger thanks to a reconfigurable “multi-fenestration” in 1/3 – 2/3 or 2/3 – 1/3 or in full screen mode, depending on the desired aboard experience. The infotainment options are presented in such a way as to enable easy browsing by all the occupants, who can find information on their journey, select their own music or watch their favourite film. To maintain a link between the vehicle and the outside world, CXPERIENCE CONCEPT features a range of connected services, enabling the driver to open the gate from a distance, for example, or receive home deliveries.

Two other control features – a smartphone and a mobile tablet – maintain digital continuity and activate a number of onboard functions. At the front, a central console houses a dedicated smartphone stand. Induction-rechargeable and connected to the screens, the smartphone starts the car and activates a range of control functions (comfort, photos, videos, etc.).

At the rear, passengers have access to a mobile tablet. Presented in a refined case, the tablet lets the occupants adjust the seats and air conditioning at the same time as well as providing access to media sharing [1] through the new app Share with U as part of a fun and intuitive approach. With this new service, they can share media files (games, music, videos) with their travelling companions and use them on board! Don’t miss the opportunity to test this new feature at the Paris Motor Show!

Citroen CXPERIENCECONCEPT opts for high-tech rear vision with front and rear cameras. At the same time, the conventional exterior door mirrors are replaced by two discreet side cameras sending pictures to small digital screens. Featuring chrome surrounds, these small screens are positioned along the inner door panels on the same trim feature as the loudspeakers and air vents. The driver has a 360° view of the vehicle’s immediate environment, making driving and manoeuvring easier. A hyper-connected car in tune with the times, CXPERIENCE CONCEPT also features the ConnectedCAM Citroen™ premiered as a world first on the new Citroen C3.

Located just behind the interior rear-view mirror, this wide-angle HD connected camera records whatever the driver sees on the road. A witness to the driving experience, it captures life’s moments in pictures and on video to keep or share on social networks.

To promote onboard discussion and exchange, the designers also placed considerable emphasis on onboard sound spatialisation. The Citroen Styling teams working on the “sonification” applied the same principle as for the Citroen AIRCROSS concept car, an SUV premiered at the Shanghai Motor Show last year. The openwork front and rear headrests feature two loudspeakers with integrated bass sound and microphones. These sound bubbles let everybody choose who they want to communicate with. Or simply sit and listen to their own audio programme. Each journey can set the scene for either lively discussion or individual relaxation. For easier discussions or to keep an eye on young children, integrated cameras make it possible to see each passenger or even to take part in a videoconference.

"The Citroen CXPERIENCE concept car challenges convention to express a new vision of executive saloons. It also fits in perfectly with the ambitions of the "Citroen Advanced Comfort® programme. CXPERIENCE CONCEPT illustrates the brand’s capacity to deploy its "Be Different, Feel Good" promise in this segment.

Linda Jackson — CITROEN Brand CEO


The emphasis on intelligent technology can also be seen in the choice of a plug-in hybrid solution for a relaxed drive. A true invitation to travel, Citroen CXPERIENCE CONCEPT features a plug-in hybrid drivetrain allying efficiency with performance. Based on the expertise of the PSA Group, this plug-in hybrid petrol technology allies power and versatility.

Citroen CXPERIENCE CONCEPT delivers outstanding dynamic performance with a petrol engine developing between 150 and 200 bhp and up to 80 kW of additional energy provided by the electric motor. CXPERIENCE CONCEPT can be driven in all-electric mode in the city (ZEV -Zero Emission Vehicle) where it has a range of 60 km. On the open road, fuel consumption can be limited by using the two forms of energy together in successive acceleration phases. On the motorway, the internal combustion engine takes over to deliver real performance at the wheel, with total power of up to 300 bhp.

Citroen CXPERIENCE CONCEPT has a 3 kWh battery that can be charged in just a few hours. The vehicle can be charged in 4 1/2 hours with a standard charging system, or in less than 2 1/2 hours with an ultra-simple charg

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